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Our Counselling Service offers pupils a non judgemental environment to talk about their thoughts and feelings, as many young people have personal or emotional issues affecting their life. Counselling can give young people the opportunity to look at things happening in their life and give them a better understanding of why they may be feeling the way they do as well empowering them to make changes.

The types of problems that pupils may encounter and therefore be referred to our counselling service may include: abuse, health, racial/cultural, personal/self, relationships and school.
Often such issues may be displayed in several ways:

• Display low self esteem and confidence
• Experience behaviour difficulties
• Experiencing being bullied or perhaps are the bully
• Encountering a family crisis or disruption
• Poor attendance record
• Bereavement
• Emotional disturbance
• Sudden and unusual behaviour change

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During your initial appointment you will have the opportunity to talk about your current situation and the counsellor will ask some questions in order to clarify and evaluate how you are feeling.

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Sarah, our fully qualified English Counsellor has a Certificate in Counselling Skills, a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and BSc (Hons) in Psychology.
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